Unveiling the Force Behind Fortress Industries

Fortress Industries is a leading authority in comprehensive security solutions, adept at navigating both cyber and physical threats on a global scale. Our team comprises seasoned security professionals with a track record of excellence in safeguarding principals across diverse sectors.
Our Partners
Michael Perez
Vice President Special Projects
Zack Gleeson
Chairman of the board
Calvin Wellington
Vice President of Tactical Product Sales
Our Mision
At Fortress, our mission is to safeguard individuals, businesses, and organizations from evolving cyber and physical security threats. We strive to provide comprehensive, innovative solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients, ensuring their safety and peace of mind in an ever-changing landscape.
Our Approach
Our approach at Fortress is rooted in a holistic understanding of security, encompassing both digital and physical realms. By combining cutting-edge technology with strategic expertise, we deliver proactive solutions to mitigate risks and protect assets. Our team is dedicated to fostering collaborative partnerships and providing unparalleled support to our clients, empowering them to navigate the complexities of security with confidence and resilience.